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Interim Management Services

As Interim managers we are able to constantly adapt to an ever changing & developing business environment. We learn to re-market our skills and knowledge base as unlike most resource sectors, Interim Management does not follow economic growth. The opposite, is in fact, often the case as we need to accelerate in the market ‘downturn’

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Key Resource Availability:

Interim managers cover all industry sectors and services. Finding & hiring key resources for one off required cannot be easier or simpler. Interim Manager are self-employed, which means they can offer flexible start dates. Often within days resulting in immediately kick start for your project.

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Highly driven & motivated resources:

Professional Interim managers enjoy the varied approach that their chosen lifestyle provides. Being self-employed they are fully independently. They work with professional and composure requiring limited guidance or training. They offer on demand experience with a capability which is almost always higher than the job requires. We have a wealth of experience, talent, contacts and

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How we can help

Tikili Ltd have the market knowledge and years of experience in providing quality Interim Managers for: Our resources specialize: • Business turnaround & strategic consulting, • Financial strategies, • Intercultural Management. These are the high-level skills and knowledge base we deliver to your business. However, we can tackle other business requirements for short terms contracts

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